A diagnosis of cancer is frightening. Coupled with treatment and expenses, the dread increases.  Add no insurance benefits, or inadequate coverage, and the worry intensifies. 

We at the Hope Chest seek to help alleviate some of the stress brought on by these conditions by offering limited financial assistance for women who:

  • Are newly diagnosed with breast or gynecologic cancer,
    or have a recurrence of breast or gynecologic cancer, and are receiving treatment
  • Reside in a western North Carolina county
  • Demonstrate financial need

Other eligibility requirements may apply. 

To qualify for any financial assistance, a candidate must complete a Hope Chest application, supply the necessary documents, and submit them to the Hope Chest director.  Documents include, but may not be limited to:

  • The Hope Chest for Women application
  • Information Release Statement
  • Proof of Income (Copy of recently filed taxes, and current or most recent pay stub or bank statement)
  • Pathology report and Progress Notes
  • Letter of Medical Necessity, if applicable
  • Copy of bill(s) to be considered for payment

Aid awarded to a qualified applicant is restricted, but every attempt is made to meet the most urgent need. Funds are limited and therefore, subject to availability.  Award decisions are at the discretion of the Hope Chest Board of Directors.  Payments are made to service providers.

To apply, click on the application link above.  Or, request an application via mail by contacting the Hope Chest at (828) 708-3017.
Mail your application, complete with signature, to:

P. O. Box 5294
Asheville, NC 28813

The Hope Chest has assisted hundreds of women in WNC counties with prescriptions, medical bills, gas, lymphedema garments, and other expenses incurred due to the cost of their cancer treatment. What is your need?

For other assistance resources, contact:
Your local social services agency
American Cancer Society
CancerCare of NY
Susan G. Komen Foundation
American Breast Cancer Foundation
Gynecologic Cancer Foundation
National Cancer Institute
Ali's Alliance

Vial of Life Project

We proudly offer Vial of Life decals to our community for free. We feel that the Vial of Life Project is a most important program for protecting seniors and others in need.

We would like to thank American Senior Safety Medical Alarm Systems for donating these kits to our organization.

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